coaching training

Leverage coaching skills within your team or organization to increase productivity and develop leaders.

coaching training

Empowering others

The COACH Model®, developed by Keith Webb, is quickly understood, memorable, and immediately useable and replicable in the workplace.

As an approved Instructor, Bryan can help your team or organization begin to implement these skills within your leadership context.

Results of Using The COACH Model®

The COACH Model® can help you in many key areas of leading people and managing objectives.

  • Solve problems without having all the answers
  • Help others take responsibility for themselves
  • Ask powerful questions that stimulate creative thinking
  • Empower others with a less directive style
  • Create laser focus on what’s most important
  • Support others to take forward-moving action

These will in turn result in increased effectiveness, more teamwork, higher morale, longer retention of people, and greater impact.


The COACH Model® can help you in many key areas of leading people and managing objectives.

Mentor Coaching

For purposes of credentialing, mentor coaching is available for ICF applicants.

Mentor Coaching includes:

  • Ten (10) one-hour mentor coaching sessions by phone as required by ICF – these are all private (no group sessions);
  • Immediate feedback on your strengths and areas for continued improvement
  • Personalized mentoring focused on your desired proficiency improvement and application within your coaching practice
  • Help navigating your ICF credentialing process

Fran Lamattina

Leadership Coach

Bryan Brown is a developer of leaders in all walks of life. It is obvious to me that he has honed in on his natural gifting and refined his skill set to become a coach for those who wants to do more with their lives.