leadership development

the leadership wake: results and relationships.  what are you leaving behind?

Leadership Development

Leadership is a privilege and a stewardship

Would you like to have someone skilled in listening who would seek to understand your unique situation and help you achieve your desired outcomes? Would you appreciate the opportunity and space to rethink priorities, assess long-term direction and establish progressive action? Applying strong active listening with useful questions and appropriate information, coaching provides the objectivity and feedback needed to navigate the sea of opportunities, challenges, and ideas.

Do you want to increase leadership confidence?

Do you feel stuck and want assistance in considering new possibilities?

Do you want support to help develop your team?

Would you like someone to help you rediscover the joy of leading?

Do you desire a sounding board for decision-making?

Would you like your leadership to reflect more of Christ?

Are you ready to develop a leadership framework that is:

  • Proven – it works
  • Scalable – applicable for any context
  • Flexible – fitting the current need
  • Simple – easy to remember

If you answered “yes” to any of the above then now is the time to build that framework which will enable you to grow your capacity and effectiveness. Lead well and enjoy!

  • Jonathan Iverson
    Jonathan Iverson Team Leader, Entrepreneur

    Bryan has been coaching me for almost a year now. In this short amount of time I’ve seen my leadership skills grow in areas and ways I’ve never been able to see before. He’s been particularly helpful in the areas of strategic planning, self-leadership, and organizational improvements. I highly recommend him to any leader, starting out or seasoned, as his coaching will truly help you do more better.